Julia's role at MARK

Apprentice at MARK | Owner of 8 horses

A young rider

I was fascinated by horse riding at a young age and started riding when I was five. I always rode outside of school hours. Then the time came when I asked myself school or apprenticeship? I had heard a lot about MARK from friends of mine so I decided to take a look and spend some time there. MARK grew on quickly and I liked it there instantly.

I was fascinated by everything. For instance, I learned how a carriage is built. I wanted to understand how bearings work, what vibration reducing means, and so on. Today, I am a specialist for such things and that is quite cool.


Responsibility as apprentice

At MARK, you are given more responsibility over time for the work you do.
And over time you also assume responsibility for younger apprentices – even if you are still one yourself. You know how things work and are happy to pass that on. That is just typical for the work environment at MARK. We watch out for one another and work together. It’s not just everyone for himself.

What I also like is that we do most things on our own which is why we talk a lot with each other, even among the departments. We look to see what works and what doesn’t work. At MARK, you can find out lots and work in very different departments. You always learn something.

In the beginning, you are perhaps pegged, you know, girls and muck don’t go together. You’re more cautious and don’t know what to expect. But that all blew over very quickly. Like anyone else, I can simply ask when I have a question because the shift leader or department head is always there. And as I said, we stick together here, and if there is a problem, there is always someone around to help.