Marco's role at MARK

Plant technician at MARK | Beer Crate Racer

Work at MARK

Ten years ago, I submitted an application on an off chance and had no idea what was going to come of it. I started in shipping as an unskilled labourer. Then I transferred to Production 4 and after six years I took over the position of plant technician. I set, optimise, and repair machines. But I also work with customers and ensure that the quality is in order. Moreover, I am responsible for the machine operators, train them, and make sure that they are doing their job properly.

I like being here because the whole setting is very regional. I know most of my colleagues outside of work, which makes for a super work environment. The jobs are great, and we are well paid.


An unusual hobby

Some of my colleagues and I take part in beer crate races. That came about at some point. We saw videos and thought that we could do that, too – and then we started building. Over the last three years, we have refined our ideas more and more and take part in races.

Eighty percent of the team is from MARK. There are five of us, four drivers and one mechanic; four of us work at MARK. That is great because we run into each other often and this way we can arrange things. From MARK, we learned about things like high-strength tyres, which we have on the scrap containers. It works out well that we have access to many important things at MARK. We were able to make the base plate here and also the rotating parts and pinions. So, we are very professional and that is the reason why we are among the front runners in our sport.